World market leader in the field of tape libraries. 

Our solutions in the area of storage automation

For more than 30 years, a wide variety of global players in the field of data backup and archiving systems have relied on our products and solutions. As the world market leader in the field of data backup and archiving systems based on LTO tapes, we have a market share of around 70%. With our many years of experience and innovative strength
we provide our OEM partners with reliable and efficient products for the secure long-term archiving of large volumes of data.

The trend towards archiving is driving our business forward

The amount of digital data worldwide more than doubles every two years. Legal requirements around the world dictate that data must be stored for longer and longer periods of time. Pharmaceutical companies in the USA, for example, are obliged to store their data for up to 100 years. Banks and insurance companies are required to archive data for 15 to 30 years.


Our solutions in the area of storage automation 

The advantages of BDT solutions are clear. They offer: 

simple installation

fast and reliable data backup

user-friendly interfaces

modular architecture


The FlexStor platform has been the proven solution in the field of autoloaders and tape libraries in the entry-level segment for years. This product series is in the portfolio of many of our OEM customers and is based on proven modules combined with the latest technology. Of course, current LTO generations, web management and security features are integrated in FlexStor. 


FlexStor - 1U - the ideal entry into data protection

LTO tape capacity 

  • 8 slots per device 

Drive capacity

  • 1 HH LTO drive

Enormous storage capacity

  • uncompressed capacity: 144 TBytes (LTO-9) 
  • compressed capacity (2.5:1): 360 TBytes (LTO-9)

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FlexStor - 2U - automated backup solution for smaller data volumes

LTO tape capacity

  • 24 slots per device

Drive capacity

  • 2 HH or 1 FH LTO drives

Enormous storage capacity

  • uncompressed capacity: 432 TBytes (LTO-9) 

  • compressed capacity (2.5:1): 1080 TBytes (LTO-9)

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MultiStor is a scalable tape library in 3U form factor.  It provides the optimal solution for the management of constantly growing data volumes. 


  • 40 slots per 3U module

  • expandable with up to 15 modules for a 48U full rack solution

  • Maximum 640 slots 

Drive capacity

  • 3 HH or 1 FH plus 1 HH LTO drive per module 

  • 48 HH or 16 FH plus 16 HH LTO drives in full rack

Enormous storage capacity

  • uncompressed capacity: 11.52 PBytes (LTO-9) at full capacity
  • compressed capacity (2.5:1): 28.8 PBytes (LTO-9) at full capacity


The MultiStak is our largest scalable tape library in the 6U form factor.  It provides the optimal solution for archiving medium and also constantly growing data volumes.

LTO tape capacity

  • 80 slots per module 

  • expandable with up to 6 modules for a 42U expansion

  • Maximum 560 slots

Drive capacity

  • 6 HH or 3 FH LTO drives

  • 42 HH or 21 FH LTO drives in full configuration

Enormous storage capacity

  • uncompressed capacity: 10.082 PBytes (LTO-9) at full capacity

  • compressed capacity (2.5:1): 25.2 PBytes (LTO-9) at full capacity

UHD Stack

With the UHD stacks (Ultra High Density), the focus is on optimizing storage density. Over 1,000 LTO tapes can be stored in a standard IT rack. The UHD Stacks are specially developed for use in hyperscaling and in the cloud environment.

Technical Service with short turnaround times


As a manufacturer and developer, our customers can rely on the competencies and performance of our repair service, because we have the necessary know-how as well as the original parts for these devices. Due to our presence on different continents, we guarantee the shortest turnaround times.


Das macht unsere Storage-Lösungen besonders

As an OEM technology partner of the world's largest IT companies, such as IBM, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) and Fujitsu, we develop and produce our data storage devices (tape libraries) MultiStak, MultiStor and FlexStor® II for and with our customers. With these products, our customers are able to store or archive their large amounts of data securely and for the long term. In this way, they prevent data loss effectively and efficiently. In addition to being highly innovative, our products also offer a remarkable cost advantage over alternative archiving technologies.

"BDT’s commitment and hard work makes them a strong ally for our business."

Aaron Arreola Cortez
Global Commodity Manager Tape/Media

"BDT provides strong and flexible support which helps Fujitsu's tape storage business."

Kouji Hanada
Senior Manager Storage Systems
Fujitsu Ltd.

We live partnership.  

Years of successful customer relationships with the largest IT companies worldwide prove this. The wishes and requirements of our customers are always our focus. We have an open ear, maintain cooperation and openess and can thus react as quickly as possible. Our customers have been highly satisfied with our services for decades.

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