Best quality 
- never less


Customer satisfaction is the basis for our success. Quality is the basis for our customers' satisfaction. We achieve this through various measures at the following levels:


We ensure quality awareness, know-how and commitment of all employees through regular qualification measures. 

Products and services

The highest quality applies to all our products and services throughout the entire product life cycle.


Our managers are role models and exemplify quality awareness. They set clear and achievable goals and support employees in achieving them.

Continuous improvement

In everything we do, we want to continuously improve.


Our suppliers contribute significantly to the quality of our products and are therefore carefully selected. We expect quality standards that correspond to ours and strive for lasting business relationships based on partnership.

We bear responsibility
- with pride!


Environmental protection is an important concern for us. We realize sustainable action within the scope of our entire entrepreneurial activity through:

Environmental awareness

All employees are aware of their environmental responsibility. They are constantly encouraged to treat the environment and natural resources responsibly and are trained accordingly.

Binding commitments/legal compliance

Binding commitments relating to the environment are observed without exception.

Continuous improvement

The implementation of our environmental policy is regularly reviewed in order to achieve continuous improvement of our environmental management system and our environmental performance.

Sustainable development

Harmful environmental impacts are minimized throughout the entire product life cycle. 


Our employees are BDT's most important asset and guarantee sustainable success. Safety and health of our employees are very important to us, therefore we act according to the following principles:

Reduction of hazards

All workplaces at BDT are evaluated and set up with occupational safety and ergonomics in mind to prevent injuries and illnesses.

Continuous improvement

We continuously implement the ongoing improvement of the occupational safety and health management system. 

Legal obligations

Compliance with legal obligations and requirements above and beyond this is an important concern for us.

Our commitment
economic, ecologic
and social competence

Regional and social commitment is extremely important to us.
That is why we support sports clubs and cultural events in the region.


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